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A Style Guide for the Indian Groom

Nita Sathyendran of The Hindu offers a pretty interesting glimpse into the minds of grooms from a non-western culture in her article "Here Comes the Groom": "Bridegrooms these days are making a style statement too. They’re shrugging off those traditional, crisply-starched off-white and gold shirts and dhotis and off-the-rack suits and sherwanis in favour of bespoke garments, in a variety of colours, styles and embellishments, which give their brides-to-be a run for their money."

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Embracing the Elements | Modern Wedding Band Materials

The emergence of non-traditional materials within the world of wedding bands has revolutionized a centuries-old tradition. Gone are the days of deciding between silver, gold and platinum. Modern alloys, composite substrates and new applications of organic materials have created endless variations on one of the oldest accessories on earth. It’s wonderful, but can be confusing, so here we’ll help you sort it out. Consider the following your primer for choosing a ring material that goes beyond basics.

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Why launch a wedding company for men?

This is the question we’re asked more than any other. Why start a company that designs and sells men’s wedding bands? Aren’t there plenty of companies already servicing that market? In short yes, there are many options to find a men’s band, but the truth requires we dig a bit deeper in the story. 

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