The Støberi Story

We don’t strive to have the most products, simply the best. We utilize the finest materials, from precious metals and aircraft-grade titanium to sustainably-sourced organic materials. It all results in artfully curated collections of rings and accessories as innovative as they are timeless.

We’re going to make this easy. That starts by sending you a sizing kit to help you make a confident selection. From there, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the right product in hand with time to spare. If returns are necessary, we make it just as easy. From the quality of the products and packaging to our customer service, we’re intent on exceeding expectations.

Støberi products are designed to be with you for life. So we intend to stand behind them for just as long. Even the strongest metal will show its age over time, but this age should reflect a life well lived. Should you ever be dissatisfied with the quality or performance of any product we sell, at any time, we will make it right – either through refurbishment, replacement or refund.

The name Støberi means foundry in Danish. But we’re fabricating far more than metal, here. We’re building a different kind a company. Every one of our products tells a story that helps you live yours.