A Style Guide for the Indian Groom

Nita Sathyendran of The Hindu offers a pretty interesting glimpse into the minds of grooms from a non-western culture in her article "Here Comes the Groom": 

"Bridegrooms these days are making a style statement too. They’re shrugging off those traditional, crisply-starched off-white and gold shirts and dhotis and off-the-rack suits and sherwanis in favour of bespoke garments, in a variety of colours, styles and embellishments, which give their brides-to-be a run for their money."

Indian groom

However, while fashion and style might be astonishingly different between east and west, one thing remains very similar: 

"[grooms] are far more conscious of their personal style and also about how nowadays weddings are elaborate productions, with multiple ceremonies and festivities."

This is very consistent with what we're seeing in western culture. Men are more involved in designing their wedding than ever before. From planning the day, to selecting fashionable clothes and shoes, the grooms of today have evolved significantly from even a few decades earlier.  

Here's the full read on The Hindu's fascinating article:





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