Støberi’s Ten International Honeymoon Destinations for Romance & Adventure

A couple of years back (before every positive itinerary needed to begin with a negative test) our team took some time to globetrot a bit, as we searched for the inspiration to define our Støberi ring and accessory collections. We hit the nightlife in Santorini, traversed the Scottish highlands, navigated the food markets of Shanghai, and hopped a ferry to a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. We soaked in the culture, the art, and architecture (and our fair share of the local nightlife) and it all informed our aesthetic and design for Støberi.

Our travels inspired us to offer up a run-down of our picks for international honeymoon trips that are off the beaten path, but rich with romance and adventure.

1.) Denmark

We can’t start off a list without the mentioning the land that inspired our name – Støberi – which means foundry in Danish. Research has shown it to be the “happiest country on earth” and we try to instill the same virtues into our business every day.

Copenhagen might not be first European destination that comes to mind for romance, but once there you can meander through historic canals and visit Cupid at the Thorvaldsen Museum. It also offers world class shopping and dining along the Strøget. An island getaway is possible at Funen, a perfect romantic retreat. Called the “Garden of Denmark,” you’ll find orchards, historic inns and secluded beauty around every turn.

2.) Santorini, Greece

This island is a living postcard. The iconic sun-bleached villas that envelop the coastal volcanic cliffs offer the most surreal and breathtaking views in southern Europe. Rent a scooter to tour the island. Catch a catamaran tour and be back in time for the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever find. Load up your Instagram account like a boss.

3.) Vieques, Puerto Rico

After you spend some time in Old San Jaun, make your way, by flight or ferry, to Vieques. This secluded island is a haven for expats and offers an inviting, laid-back atmosphere. Take a rented jeep to a stretch of beach where you’ll never see another soul. Grab some street food on your way back to your hotel and then grab a kayak for a paddle in the bioluminescent bay, one of only a handful in the world. Sparks will fly between you and your fiancé.

4.) Aruba

Seven miles of white-sand beaches, world-class snorkeling in crystal blue waters, and navigating the island system by foot, boat or even horse. The weather is always perfect year-round and party scene is on point. It’s earned the nickname “One Happy Island" for a reason.

5.) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations and still offers some of the best values for an adventure-filled honeymoon. This amazing destination has established itself as one of the planet’s eco-tourism meccas thanks to its wildly diverse terrain and expanding tourism infrastructure. Hike through a tropical rainforest, go rafting on Rio Toro or explore the canopy high above Manuel Antonio National Park. Oh, and that’s just day one. There are beaches and swimming in volcanoes on day two.

6.) Turks & Caicos

Boasting some of the longest coral reefs in the world, Turks and Caicos delivers world-class scuba diving facilities and services. But even for couples who prefer to spend their time above water, Turks & Caicos offers a network of 40 islands and cays with pristine white sand beaches and the purest blue waters. This is paradise. Period.

7.) Cook Islands

Debating between New Zealand and Hawaii? The Cook Islands let you split the difference… literally. Nestled between New Zealand and Hawaii, the fifteen Cook Islands offer pristine blue lagoons, virgin natural habitats, a perfect climate, and a totally relaxed vibe. Wake up every morning to views that you will never be able to forget. 

8.) Ibiza, Spain

For couples that want to keep the party going long after the reception, Ibiza is the place to venture.  The city center is pulsing with nightlife and music, but you can also escape to more remote and romantic retreats between DJ sets. Take a 30-minute boat ride to the quiet island of Formentera to find hidden beaches and mesmerizing turquoise blue waters. Bathing suits are optional.

 9.) Vancouver Island, Canada

Canada might not be the first international destination you think of when planning a honeymoon, but this Pacific Coast playground has something for everyone, including hot springs, surf and sailing, romantic day hikes and a surprisingly cosmopolitan nightlife in the heart of the city. Tip: the district of Tofino is best between November and February. 

10.) Ko Samui, Thailand

Ko Sumai is known as Thailand’s most popular honeymoon destination and for good reason. Beyond the stunning beaches, couples can kayak, snorkel, kitesurf and dive in pristine waters. And when the adventures are over, recover with mind-blowing accommodations, spas and dining throughout the island.

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