My journey to a platinum wedding ring. Hypoallergenic materials matter.

My journey to a platinum wedding ring. Hypoallergenic materials matter.

When I was a child, my dad gave me a chain with a cross for my birthday. It was simple, but I wore it with pride and never wanted to take it off. But, within just a few days, I noticed my neck turning red and itchy where the chain touched. My parents quickly realized I was having an allergic reaction and, in an instant, had to part ways with my prized necklace. That was the the first early lesson of a lifelong education surround my metal allergies.

This skin reaction to metal became a recurring theme throughout my childhood. I had to be careful about what I wore and missed out on wearing a lot of trendy jewelry for men that my close friends enjoyed because most of it caused irritation.

Moving forward to the time of my engagement, I told Mary about my allergy and the anxiety I was feeling around the process ahead of me. With her support, I actually found myself getting excited about picking out our wedding rings. It felt like an entirely new - albeit slightly scary - frontier for me.

I was laser focused on finding a solution that was hypoallergenic. Now, the only problem for me was that the definition isn’t crystal clear. Technically, ‘hypoallergenic” really just suggests that a given material contains fewer allergens than others. So… now what?

Ultimately, my journey led me to one option above all others… platinum. Now, the obvious kicker is it’s one of the more expensive options out there. But I knew I wanted a precious metal band if I could make it work. And Stoberi had the designs I was most drawn to, all within my modest budget. And, they gave me the added confidence of knowing all the platinum used in their rings are made in the USA and crafted from 100% certified recycled pure platinum.

Anthony, my little brother, was the first to suggest Støberi as a resource. Not only did they have right designs and materials, but the service was really really good. Quick to answer emails, even happy to jump on a call to discuss timelines.

Getting to finally wear the platinum ring from Støberi was a revelation. There was no irritation, no redness. It was a perfect and comfortable fit. It was - and continues to be - an amazing feeling to feel so connected to something I’ll be wearing my whole life.

Everyone with metal allergies or those looking for a beautiful, comfortable and timeless ring, I highly recommend exploring the awesome collection of designs from Støberi. Their dedication to details, quality and comfort has made a world of difference for me. I know it will for you too.

  • Customer: Jake S. from Minneapolis
  • Purchased: Platinum ‘’ Ring, 6MM
  • Review: 5 Stars
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