X61 Støberi Custom Ring:  "Dark & Gold"
X61 Støberi Custom Ring:  "Dark & Gold"

X61 Støberi Custom Ring: "Dark & Gold"

$ 900.00

Custom built to customer specifications, this 6.0mm wedding band features sight dome profile in dark grey / black-ish material (TBD), with a polished 14k Gold interior. (Note: photos are for color/form referencing and do not reflect final concept).

• Exterior Material: Carbon Fiber (TBD)
Profile: Slight Dome
• Interior Material: 14k Yellow Gold / Polished 
• Width: 6.0mm wide (TBD)
• Size: 8.5 (test rings will be sent for verification once order is complete)

Product Cost: $900 ($985 - $85 Discount)

Process: Upon purchase, multiple test rings will be prepared for customer review and approval. This will include different varieties of "dark" materials for consideration as exterior material. A pre-paid shipping label will be included with the test rings so they can be shipped back to Støberi in original packaging.

Once size and material are approved (via email to support@stoberi.com), the final custom ring will be crafted. Due to custom nature of build, the ring cannot be restocked/refunded. The ring will come with a lifetime guarantee, which includes refurbishment or replacement if the ring construction is compromised or fails. This does not include basic wear and tear.

• Test Rings: Allow 2 weeks from order
• Final Ring: Allow 3 weeks from test ring approval