The Boseman
The Boseman
The Boseman

The Boseman

$ 430.00
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Faceted Titanium. Bent Rosewood.

Embracing contrast and curiosity, the Boseman ring pairs a polished rosewood interior with hand-ground titanium. The two materials strike a unique balance of light and dark, smooth and rough, organic and industrial.

Shown here, in titanium, this design is also available in 14k White Gold, bringing brighter, more lustrous look to the exterior finish, as well as more weight to the overall feel on the hand.

Regardless of the metal, the hand-cut facets give the band a natural, rugged feel, with no two rings ever being the same. The facets will catch and reflect light in unexpected ways, while also concealing any wear through the lifetime of use.

Width: 6.0mm 
Exterior Material: Titanium or 14k White Gold
Exterior Finish: Hand-Ground facets
Interior Material: Bent Rosewood
Interior Finish: Polished

Price: $480 - $1240

Availability (Titanium): 12-14 days fabrication + 3-4 days shipping.
Availability (Gold): 18-21 days fabrication + 3-4 days shipping.

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