Calder Brass Pen (SNOWE)
Calder Brass Pen (SNOWE)
Calder Brass Pen (SNOWE)
Calder Brass Pen (SNOWE)

Calder Brass Pen (SNOWE)

$ 550.00

Minimalist | Hexagonal Brass

It's hard to describe an object so simple in form, yet so unexpectedly delightfully to hold in the hand. At first blush, the hexagonal piece of solid brass doesn't reveal a top or bottom... or the manner by which one uncovers the writing tip. 

A simple twist reveals the seamless threaded cap and black ballpoint tip. Designed to be modern, yet timeless, the brass will naturally acquire a patina over time, only adding to its character.

Custom Bulk Order: 25 pcs 

Size: 14.3cm L x 0.9cm W
• Material: Solid Hexagonal Brass
Ink: 13cm Refill Length & 0.5mm Tip
• Weight: 34g
• Packaging: Composite Vial within Kraft Tube

Engraving: N/A

Cost: $550 (@ $22/pc)

Availability: Friday, April 2, 2021 (anticipated ship date)

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