Calder Brass Pen (Bulk)
Calder Brass Pen (Bulk)
Calder Brass Pen (Bulk)

Calder Brass Pen (Bulk)

$ 2,088.00

Minimalist | Hexagonal Brass


Custom order for 50 pcs of "Calder" brass pen, featuring logo placement on back edge of pen shaft. Package includes genuine leather sleeve for each pen. Options both engraved and non-engraved leather. 

Custom Bulk Order: 50 pcs 

Size: 14.3cm L x 0.9cm W
• Material: Solid Hexagonal Brass
Ink: 13cm Refill Length & 0.5mm Tip
• Weight: 34g
• Packaging: Leather Sleeve
• Engraving: Custom Logo

Option A) $2,100 (@ $42/pc) Non-Engraved Leather
Option B) $2,250 (@ $45/pc) Engraved Leather
Shipping: $28 (via UPS)
Credit: (-$40 sample fee)

FInal Cost Due:
Option A) $2,088 (non-engraved leather)
Option B) $2,238 (engraved leather)

Availability: June 28, 2021 (anticipated ship date)

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